Curated Collections

These collections have been produced to accompany exhibitions and detail specific information regarding print size, method of printing, date and where the photograph was taken.

The prints within the collections are available for exhibition as complete sets or individual pieces, and digital or chemical copies of each image can be produced for purchase. Please contact me for further information.


This catalogue was initially produced to accompany an exhibition at The Maverick Showroom Gallery in London’s Shoreditch and to coincide with the 2010 London Jazz Festival.

The prints were made over a two year period and framed for the show. Since 2010 I have continued to print and frame musician portraits and also project based record label images from the USA, Africa, South America and Europe.

As with the other works, two prints are made, the exhibition edition which is framed and added to each year and the collectors edition which is intended for future sale as a complete work.

Download catalogue (pdf, 7mb)


Produced for exhibition at The Bristol Beacon, formally known as The Colston Hall and exhibited during an extraordinary month long programme of American music featuring Jazz, Blues, Folk and Soul.

Two editions were made over a four month period. The exhibition edition which was framed for the show and a second collector edition that used a modified toning system.

Download catalogue (pdf, 3mb)

Large Works

This catalogue represents the more art-based and narrative work initially developed whilst studying at the Royal College of Art in London.

The selection includes a mix of colour and black and white prints. They use multiple camera formats and a variety of print methods including Silver Gelatin, Giclee Ink Jet, Lambda Digital C Type and Die Transfer.

Download catalogue (pdf, 2mb)